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Friday, August 21, 2009

Utahk about gorgeous...

Road trip Zion and Bryce Canyon..I didnt realize that it takes only 8 hours from San Diego to get to Southern Utah. I did realize that you shouldnt forget you're camera when you go to these places. So these were taken from Sarah's point and shoot. Thanks Sarah!

"con te partiro"- theres a quaint little city on the way called las vegas that I recommend stopping by and mingling with the locals

cool smile

Bryce Canyon!


Bryce again

Jack and Rose..My heart will go on

Some sort of bear and her puppies. I cant stand litter bugs (top left corner)


  1. Dang... ripping for PnS's. I wouldn't have known had you not said anything!

  2. "you're camera" = you are camera. I think the word you are looking for is "your".

  3. How did you get so close? I'm surprised that bear didn't attack you.. Bears are very protective of their cubs. Looks like a blast, that point and shoot is quite nice.. Black jack is fun! You guys ruined it tough, never again do I give you my money.

  4. Looks like a fun trip! Those two places have been on my list of places to go but thanks to you I can see sweet pics of them! Oh p.s. thanks for the link on how to post larger pictures..I just needed special-ed directions and it worked!

  5. Anonymous #1, Dane is getting really deep here. I'm talking Kanye deep! Bare with me...

    He's trying to say that when we are photographing out and about - we should not forget that WE ARE camera. The camera isn't just a machine - but another part of our body that we can't paint the world with! We are camera!

    Or maybe he blogged it at my house and I messed with him the whole time... so who cares about spell checking other people's blogs :P


  6. o snapz! thanks bobby. actually i was getting titanic deep.