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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Las Vegas.. Sarah's 25th birthday

Spent the weekend in Vegas for my good friend Sarah's birthday. Here's a little of the mayhem that ensued.....

View from the room

A new card trick I learned or really fast shutter speed...? Sarah, Leah, Ashley looking up the Thunder from down under show times.

Sarah, Chris aka "corner buns" and Ashley

Chris and Sarah's reflection on the bed..Awwwe. They didnt even know I got this picture.

I bet Anthony dreads washing his hair.

Found the raddest lizard out in the desert! It's called a Chuckawalla. It was about a foot long.

Seen the signs for the Calico ghost town a million times on the way out to vegas but never stopped. Glad we finally checked it out.

Where there's gold mines there's nuggets, or just yellowie sand.

Me settin in the jet..im out, back to dago.

One last thing! I finally pulled the plug and I'm going back to Thailand and Cambodia on the Raddest Photo Trip Ever!!! I think there's three spots left so if you've ever had the desire to check out these countries you should come with us! **ahem, ashley, ahem**

Who's coming?!?


  1. looks like a great weekend. i love the light in the first and that reflection shot is perfection!

  2. These are clutch! You got some great shots Dane... You are the best friend to have for a trip. Thanks so much for everything! My Favorite is Chris and I then 2nd the balcony shot. The Gilla Monster came out rad!

  3. love the reflection shot. for sure. the gritty-ness {yeah, not sure if that's a word} of your pictures is fab. love how editorial they feel! nice work.

  4. Love the pics. You are such a magician! I can't believe that trick. Well, I love the pic of anthony. Also the calico pics are dope. Were you talking about me at the end by the way?! I'm down!

  5. I agree with the rest, That reflection shot is amazing. Do you shoot with a Mark ii as well? I wish i could make that trip. Maybe it will work out somehow...

  6. yeah! i was talking about you!

    no I just have the old school 20d. budget style. do you use the mark ii?

  7. No... I shoot with a Nikon D90 but I'm thinking about buying into Canon and thinking about what Camera to buy. I can't afford the Mark ii either!