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Thursday, August 13, 2009

bobby's 27th birthday! 4 more years till 30!

Birthdays are a time of joy, a time of tribulations and a time of hope. So Bobby Earle here's to goodtimes, having fun, and funtimes! Happy 27th!

Shhh!! He's coming...........Suprise!! We totally got you!

Suprises can be intense for the supriser and the suprisee. Here's us dealing with the pressure in our own individual ways.

"Yes! Now I can go see the Time Travelers wife aka The Notebook 2 minus Ryan Gosling"

Why does he get all the presents?

At least Isaac understands birthday envy..

This will show you what type of guy Bobby is. Its his birthday and he takes all out to dinner!


  1. Great photos! I see you've really excelled at the B.E.P.A.! Bobby must be so proud. Has he given you a "I was student of the month at the B.E.P.A.!" bumper sticker yet?

  2. Such a cute montage in honor of your friend's Bday! Great pics and very funny captions. :)

  3. ha no bumper sticker yet.! thanks guys : )