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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let's do this!

So I just finished a one year intensive at the B.E.P.A (Bobby Earle Photo Academy) and recieved my blogging credentials...

This year has been crazy..actually the last ten years for that matter. About a year ago I picked up and camera and have been shooting ever since. Without getting cliche, Ive been blessed with amazing experiences and people. Here's what's been happening...

Our family pic in Mozambique. Took a dirt road from Kruger national park and had a beautiful drive out in the middle of nowhere. Left to right, Lindsay, Bobby, Dane, Andrew.

Couple pics of us tearin Paris up. Ive been there three times now, and it never gets old. Top left is my traveling boyfriend partner Andrew Arthur... who also does photograhy. Super fun guy who I couldn't travel without. Top right is Bobby and his wife Lindsay, the heart and brains of the operations while Andrew and I are like the tonsils and appendix. We dont really do much work on the trips but we all have fun together. Oh yeah can you find the Eiffel Tower in the bottom left picture..? Hint; Im looking at it..

Another one of our journeys... same gang hittin up Thailand, Cambodia, and China!

Tonle Sap lake village Cambodia. Spring break party boat floatin through the mangroves!

Thom Bayon -- Just part of the job.

Bobby and Lindsay's album cover for their band - "Edge of Love"

Gettin gansta on the wall. We had to scare off the 21st street Mongolian gang...

Check back later for some engagements that Bobby and I shot last week!



  1. Dude, no pressure, but if you don't blog at least twice a week, I'm totally going to unsubscribe.


    Seriously, good work getting this going, I hope we get to meet in person one day! I live in Australia, so it might be a little while, but I've heard good things come to those who wait ;)

  2. If you don't blog lots, I won't unsubscribe, but I will move it to my "meh" list and then just mark everything as read every three months. I'm a lot nicer than Luke that way. ;)

    Seriously, welcome to the world of photography and blogging! I'm sure Bobby taught you everything you need to know!

  3. This is the worst blog I've ever seen... And you dare claim you went to the Bobby Earle Photo Academy?!?!

  4. I only hope you update your Blog as much as Bobby and it makes for as much good reading!

    BTW, do you need a shoulder to cry on? I read from Facebook you're having a few issues... :D

    - Matt

  5. Hey good for you to get your blog up and going. Hope to see lots of updates. you have shared some incredible images.

  6. Keep updating and I'll keep reading :)Are you a canon guy too?


  7. Dane. You're so funny. I miss hanging with you. :) Maren

  8. Fantastic, amazing work!

  9. Luke; appreciate it! I saw some of your pics from oz...good stuff

    Amanda; Bobby always said he liked you more anyway :P

    Matt; Thanks..It would be cool if I could maybe sit on your lap while my head was on your shoulder.

    Ash; Yeah but for no particular reason. Do you have any preferences?

    Maren; Maren!!! Awwe I saw your wedding pics. U looked so pretty! Miss you too. Glad your doing good!

  10. woops! Im signed in under bobbys account..last two comments were from me

  11. You either have a very similar style to B.E. or he took all those pictures. I'm jealous of your relationship with such a photographer.

  12. Awesome pics!! Hard to believe you've only been playing with a camera for a year. Natural talent for sure. Isn't Kruger National Park the best??